Thursday, 29 August 2013

the day i met Tony Hawk

so a while ago this summer i met Tony Hawk and the day i met him i was in line at the sports check at 7 in the m orning untill 1:15 and once i finally got inside and got my number i had to wait in another line for about half an hour. when me and my buddies that i met there got in to the basement to the smaller line that Tony was at we got our stuff we wanted signed ready, my bros helped me up to him and i was like Tony? he was like yeah im like im not sure if you know me or not im brett devloo or the blind kid. he was like oh your that blind guy that can land laser flips right?! im like jaw dropped oh uh aha yeah in slight shock then we talked for a few seconds i got a picture with him and he signed a shirt that i have with some signatures that when i get more i am gonna auction it off for my foundation and i also gave him a shirt then after all that i went out the parking lot and skated around with my cane before the big demo with a big half pipe that is like taller than a 1 story house and somebody started skating with me and stopped me saying he loves what im doing how i keep skating and he gave me a free hat and shirt confused at this point he was like im corbin you stay with these two girls im like haha uh ok :P a couple seconds later i heard his voice on the huge speakers that could be heard from blocks away, he said " hey everyone im corbin you know me from the x games im a proffesional skate and i announce with Tony Hawk , theres this blind boy in the parking lot hes skate boarding hes groovy man!" then the girls were like lets go into vip from there i called my buddies in they were like what wow i said you should have stuck with me where were you they were in the back i was like well your welcome you are now 5 feet away :P

thats the day i met Tony Hawk one of my childhood idles __TBK

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