Tuesday, 3 September 2013

goose egg

so last weekend i was in the states in grand forks and i was getting out of bed and not being used to where i was i rolled out fast and smoked my head on the tv stand and had quite a goose egg going, my parents left for fargo already wich is an hour from where we were so i called the other people we were with acouple rooms down and on the phone i said "hey so can you come take me down for breakfast oh and look at my head i might be leeding , no im definately bleeding." what a wake up call right so i would be walking around and prople we were with would ask let me see and i would lift my hair to reveal the bump:P
then when i went to the mall my friend taylor helped me walk around and shop :)
back at the hotel i was skateboarding out back and i landed a 360 shove it off the curb and when i alked in the lady behind the counter was all shocked and like wait you skateboard im like yup hahaha
then before i went back home i ran into a frend from home and she told me she saw someone walking around the mall wearing a TBK sweater !

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