Thursday, 5 December 2013

coolest day ever

ggso last saturday was the day i went blind 2 years ago, november 23 2011. for this day my girl rented out the whole skatepark the edge its indoor because its winter and there is too much snow to skate. she also got me a brand new element board with thunder light trucks and spitfire wheels and reds bearings! this was all a surprise to me untill we got there. it was epic i got higher than the quarter pipe on the vert wall and landed a full gap on a funbox that had a ramp on either side and a flat part in the middle i also rode the mini pipe and another box. 
i have another video being made with alot more stuff than the last one it will be huge i am doing things i couldnt do when i could see like front and backside boardslides and the pyramid and bowls and boxes and quarter pipes.
i just finished hanging with my bro goody the rapper from selkirk, i have lots of respect for him.   ffj

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  1. So proud of what you've done in the past 2 years Brett, keep up the positive attitude. So glad you were able to enjoy this day :)